Line for receiving onions in Austria
4 July 2022
EF Even Flow
1 July 2022

Selection tables series T

Selection tables are engineered for manual section of potatoes, onions and other round potatoes. TS selection tables, are engineered for work in standing position.
Depending on the customer’s choice, the rolls in the selection table can be made of white PCV or acid-resistant stainless steel. The rolls moving along the table’s frame, rotate slowly making vegetables rotate and allowing their selection. The rolls’ speed is freely adjustable by means of an inverter. The standard equipment includes lighting. In each selection table there are two opening rolls, which open during work and let the selection table get rid of waste stuck between the rolls.
As standard the construction of the machine is made of powder-painted steel.

AVAILABLE "T" MODELS Working lenght
2 m 2,5 m 3 m
Working width 0,8 m T 2008 T 2508
1 m T 2010 T 2510 T 3010
1,2 m T 2512 T 3012
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