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27 June 2018
WK04 Weigher
26 June 2018

WK Multihead weigher

WK Multihead weighers are engineered to professional weighing of potatoes, onions and root vegetables (including carrots and root parsley).

The basic idea of the multihead weighers lies in a number of separate weighing devices (depending on the model 7, 9 or 12), which weigh out smaller batches. The machine automatically chooses the best fitting combination and produces one best-fitting batch. In a standard model of the machine all the elements which have contact with the weighed products are made of acid-resistant stainless steel. Remaining elements of the weigher are powder-coated.

The standard equipment of the weigher includes: unloading belt, receiving platform sensor and service platform with a ladder. Legible, user-friendly Mitsubishi display enables a fully intuitive operation of the machine.

The capacity of the weighers varies within the range of 3 – 16,5 t/h and it depends on the batch (1-25 kg). Optionally the weighers can be fitted with buffer containers, which increase the capacity.

WK07 WK09 WK12 WK12-M
Number of weighing buckets 7 9 12 12
Capacity of each weighing bucket 11 l 11 l 11 l 6 l
Weighing scope 1 kg- 25 kg 1 kg- 25 kg 1 kg- 25 kg 1 kg- 25 kg
Capacity 8,5 t/h* 13,5 t/h* 16,5 t/h* 16,5 t/h*
Control system PLC Mitsubishi PLC Mitsubishi PLC Mitsubishi PLC Mitsubishi
Touch screen 7” 7” 7” 7”
Electrical supply 400 V 400 V 400 V 400 V
Pneumatical supply 5-6 bar 90 l/min 5-6 bar 115 l/min 5-6 bar 150 l/min 5-6 bar 150 l/min
Power consumption 2,5 kW 3,0 kW 3,5 kW 3,5 kW
*Capacity depends on the size of the batches.